Friday, 13 July 2018

Patience and acceptance

Hi all.

University is about to start soon and by soon, I mean in 2 weeks time. The struggle for applying for university can be daunting and stressful too. Especially if you are still unsure of what you want to do and that means your future career too! Your options could be local universities or international universities. I won't deny, the idea of studying abroad, far from your family and actually living independently sounds very, extremely exciting as we've been living under the same roof with our family for...the entire life of our existence. So, by studying abroad, it is an opportunity you would not want to miss - that is, if you're up to it!


I, too like other students, did apply for both local and international universities. Like others, I applied in the UK (major choice of local students here). Here's the thing, you either pay individually to study abroad or anticipate the approval of scholarship(s) (if you applied). In my case, I am the latter. Unfortunately, I only applied for one scholarship as that is my only option unlike my other friends, who applied 2. Luck be by their side, 3 out of 5 of us are being granted the scholarship and will soon be flying off to the UK. Amazing and exciting, I know! I was as ecstatic as they were when I heard the news! 

However, I am still waiting whether or not I will receive the scholarship. I am quite anxious /concern about this. Part of me want it, like really really want to go and study in the UK but another part of me is like, 'its okay if I'm not selected to go there, maybe its not the right time yet'. Won't lie though, the idea of my friends going to the UK make me a tad bit disappointed. Disappointed that I won't be joining them...

Everyone's giving me faith, saying things like, 'You'll go to UK soon, don't worry!' and some say something like, 'You will get the scholarship. They will need people working in fields that you'll be pursuing,' The thing about giving hope/faith is that, what if, I won't get to go? What if, all these dreams of mine I won't get to fulfill. That will make me devastated further. Its a question full of 'What ifs?', I still have yet to discover. (Sigh...)

If things are how they are, I guess, I just have to accept my fate and be a bit more patience. Maybe someday, I'll get to study abroad and experience what other international students have/will experience. 

Besides, God knows what is best for us. It would've been better if I knew the answer early you know,so I could delete the hopes of studying abroad early and focus on what is going on now. 

Its not just the idea of studying in the UK, frankly. There is something else about studying in the Western world that makes me feel something else. But, that's another story for another time.

Cheers! xx

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Being nice

We have reached the 18th of Ramadhan (at least where I'm at) in just a blink of an eye! That's crazy! It feels like we've only reached the 2nd week of Ramadhan yet, here we are almost ending the 3rd week of this holy month!

In regards to my previous post, this month is when everyone is trying their best to be their better version of themselves. Being the better you could mean anything, depends on what every individuals wanted to improve on themselves. 

Being nice is one of the things that everyone should improve too! Its something that needs a lot of improving, in fact! 

The big question is, how can you tell if the person is nice? Would you say that the person is nice if he/she is pious or religious? Would you say the person is good if he/she is famously generous? I believe that everyone has their own definition of 'a good person'.

What I really wanna point out here is that appearance can be deceiving for sure! Period! Let me picture it to you guys. Say, a person is pious and everyone looks up to him because of his vast knowledge on his belief. However, one thing that he's lacking of  is his attitude. His attitude is quite undesirable to people. I believe that religion is equal to practicing good and modest attitude. Religion teaches you how to be a good person too! Thus, this shows that whether you're some holy person or well-known generous person but if you lack of kindness, what is the point? 

Being nice is something everyone should try. You don't have to be pious or famously generous to be nice. Sometimes, the little things that we unconsciously do are nice too! For example, helping someone with their homework or lending someone to carry their things when their hands are full. 

You don't have to be pretty, even, to be nice! 

You can be the most pretties, smartest person in the world but, if you are lacking of kindness and manners, what is the point of all those gifts given to you by God? 

What's your definition of 'a nice person'?
Ramadhan Kareem!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Ramadhan. Holiest month among all months for us Muslims. Its the month where we get to fast for 29 or 30 days straight. No eating and no drinking at all. But there's more...

In this month, its where we Muslims are trying to improvise ourselves specifically our faith and everything internally. From the worse to the better. 

Every year, most Muslims will create a 'Ramadhan resolution' to purify their heart and the faith and plus, this is also the month where there are many 'opportunities' to be grabbed! 

Me, myself, I won't take this month for granted! So here are the resolutions I would like to achieve :

1. To lose weight. You have no idea how many times I have tried to lose weight this year but I just never really had a solid determination. So since Ramadhan is here and we get to fast for 13 hours-ish, I'd like to take the chance and lose as much weight as I can before Syawal and to be even more specific, before university starts. 

2. To pray more. I won't lie. I am not the most diligent person when it comes to praying. I tend to be lazy and most times I feel guilty. So, with that being confessed, I'd like to do another head start with my praying habit. I want to be able to pray as much as I can on a daily basis. If possible, to not miss any prayers daily. Possibly too, trying to keep it as a habit even after Ramadhan is over. 

3. Most importantly, watching my food intake. As I want to lose weight, I need to make sure that my consumption are healthy and ideal. I don't want to over-eat stuff and eventually failing my main resolution. 

4. To be more productive. You can say I am not the most productive person currently (that's because I'm on a very very long holiday so my busy life is over, for the time being). For the past 3 months or so, I feel like I'm a couch potato. I just don't have the enthusiasm to execute things or finding things that could possibly turn my day productively. So, I hope this Ramadhan, my days would be filled with productivity and no couch potato-ing around.

5. To control my emotions - and verbal actions. The thing about this holy month is that, it is not just about controlling hunger and thirst, it is more than that. It covers almost everything! Controlling your tongue and eyes counts too during this fasting month. Hence, I want to avoid unnecessary arguments, inappropriate or vulgar words and most imperative of all, be patient. The very most prior act we need to plant inside ourselves. 

In all honesty, these resolutions that I listed out, I could have done it before Ramadhan (yes, I am aware). But, I feel like giving it a head start during Ramadhan because it makes me feel good, I guess. Let's just hope I can fulfill these resolutions throughout this month and not waste it until it eventually becomes wishes instead of reality. 

Before wrapping this post up, those who are committing their responsibilities as Muslims, I would like to wish you a very blessed and productive Ramadhan (Insha-Allah). 

What are your plans for this Ramadhan? 
P/S: Those who have not try fasting for 13 hours, would you give it a go? Just for a day? 😏
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