Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Ramadhan. Holiest month among all months for us Muslims. Its the month where we get to fast for 29 or 30 days straight. No eating and no drinking at all. But there's more...

In this month, its where we Muslims are trying to improvise ourselves specifically our faith and everything internally. From the worse to the better. 

Every year, most Muslims will create a 'Ramadhan resolution' to purify their heart and the faith and plus, this is also the month where there are many 'opportunities' to be grabbed! 

Me, myself, I won't take this month for granted! So here are the resolutions I would like to achieve :

1. To lose weight. You have no idea how many times I have tried to lose weight this year but I just never really had a solid determination. So since Ramadhan is here and we get to fast for 13 hours-ish, I'd like to take the chance and lose as much weight as I can before Syawal and to be even more specific, before university starts. 

2. To pray more. I won't lie. I am not the most diligent person when it comes to praying. I tend to be lazy and most times I feel guilty. So, with that being confessed, I'd like to do another head start with my praying habit. I want to be able to pray as much as I can on a daily basis. If possible, to not miss any prayers daily. Possibly too, trying to keep it as a habit even after Ramadhan is over. 

3. Most importantly, watching my food intake. As I want to lose weight, I need to make sure that my consumption are healthy and ideal. I don't want to over-eat stuff and eventually failing my main resolution. 

4. To be more productive. You can say I am not the most productive person currently (that's because I'm on a very very long holiday so my busy life is over, for the time being). For the past 3 months or so, I feel like I'm a couch potato. I just don't have the enthusiasm to execute things or finding things that could possibly turn my day productively. So, I hope this Ramadhan, my days would be filled with productivity and no couch potato-ing around.

5. To control my emotions - and verbal actions. The thing about this holy month is that, it is not just about controlling hunger and thirst, it is more than that. It covers almost everything! Controlling your tongue and eyes counts too during this fasting month. Hence, I want to avoid unnecessary arguments, inappropriate or vulgar words and most imperative of all, be patient. The very most prior act we need to plant inside ourselves. 

In all honesty, these resolutions that I listed out, I could have done it before Ramadhan (yes, I am aware). But, I feel like giving it a head start during Ramadhan because it makes me feel good, I guess. Let's just hope I can fulfill these resolutions throughout this month and not waste it until it eventually becomes wishes instead of reality. 

Before wrapping this post up, those who are committing their responsibilities as Muslims, I would like to wish you a very blessed and productive Ramadhan (Insha-Allah). 

What are your plans for this Ramadhan? 
P/S: Those who have not try fasting for 13 hours, would you give it a go? Just for a day? 😏

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Changes are bound to happen

People evolve everyday. One day they are this kind of person and the next, they are a different person - probably becoming even better as a person. But why do most people treat 'change' as if it is such a disgrace. Undeniably, yes, some changes are too obnoxious and unpleasant but some are not that entirely awful either. it could go either way. However, there is always a specific reason why these changes are bound to happen. There is always a reason behind everything. 

I am a Muslim (if you don't realize that yet) and coming from a Muslim family and an Islamic country, we highly prioritize our religion (same goes to anyone who is religious). So, when it comes to changes, people would relate it to religious matters as well. Is the change for the cause to be a better Muslim? Is the change contribute anything to Islam? 


To change or not to change? It is always a choice. 

In my opinion (putting religion aside), if a person decided to transform their life into something different, I am pretty sure they have made their own research, made their own intense brainstorming on whether or not it is worth to do so. As I said, change is a choice.

I'm not gonna lie that some of these transformations made individually, are sometimes because of the influence of our surroundings - be it our friends, the public or society or probably the country that we lived at currently. This is most probably the main, pre-dominant reason why change is considered as bad. Influence is somehow a toxic term for most as it could brainwash your mindset in a short period of time. Especially to the youths like me. We easily make, I'd say reckless decisions due to the influence that we are surrounded by.

But as they say life is a roller coaster. Changing is part of that roller coaster ride that we're on too - as we speak. In fact, everyone is on this roller coaster ride! The only difference is that the position we are at. Some are at the peak and some, down below. So, my question is, why do people see change that low? Why does it seem like changing into something different is such a despicable act? When without us self-consciously realizing that we may be way worse than these people we trash-talk about.

It is okay to change. We may not be the most desired person on earth right now but at least we are not faking it. People change all the damn time. 

Life gives you lessons that will make you change your decision and lives.

What do you think about change?

Would love to know your thoughts! 😇

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Priorities, priorities

Regarding things that are utmost important first before anything else.

Everyone has their own individual priorities. As humans, we live for a cause and these causes could be one of the most prior priorities. 

Let me illustrate this in my circumstances. I am a student and also the eldest child in the family. Thence, I have many important matters to take in hand. 

Firstly, as a student. Undeniably, every students have their own tasks from their teachers and also their personal tasks. It could be homework, revisions, note-taking, memorizing and many others that are just too much to dot down and will cause brain damage to the deary students out there! (We're all in this together!) 

Secondly, as an eldest child or just mainly a child. Those who are fortunate enough to hire a domestic worker or a maid might be beneficial as you can skip doing all the nasty (and sometimes such nuisance + tedious) house chores. As for those who don't then, me and you we are sailing the same boat! Typically, its always the eldest daughter who has to be in charge with the chores because gender stereotype. No, I'm kidding! (Or maybe not...) Maybe because we are more reliable in some way. But sometimes, we, eldest daughters/children, have other priorities too. As I said, most of us are still students and are still stressing and whining over homework, test, exams and other frustrating crap that students would generally find undesirable. 

On that note, school-work and house-chores are kinda inseparable so, this is where we need to rearrange our priorities. Which goes first and which goes second.

In my case what I would firstly do is, to finish all the ridiculous amount of house chores then only do my school-work. 


That's because I would just immediately hit the hay once I'm done with school-work (also it is advisable to go to bed immediately once you've done all your revisions) Also, because it would not bother me when doing my work as in, I would not have to keep thinking about the undone chores during my studying.
That's pretty much the knowledge you may or may not find it useful from yours truly! 

What are your priorities currently?

Until then,
See Ya!
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